Lesson 13: The "lazy dative" case. German A2 GR04 June 2009 Vocabulary. Current price $119.99. Read our Complete Vocabulary: Talking about – The Family – in German. Last updated 10/2020 English English. How do you say hello and introduce yourself in German? German Essays on My Family: Meine Familie Essay One: The Average Family. Learning the proper way to make introductions in German can help you get off to the right start. Discount 40% off. How can you answer? To keep things simple, we’ll show you how the nominative and accusative cases work using the English example above, because the grammatical concept is the same in German and English. You won’t need to dance around your conclusions or obfuscate in German: just say what you mean. The German language tends to be a bit more formal than American English. Consequently, introductions in German follow more of a pattern than they sometimes do in the United States. Download. Microsoft Word Document 35.0 KB. A Simple Introduction to German Nominative and Accusative Cases. Greetings and Introduction in German. Lesson 12: Introduction to German cases. Original Price $199.99. Listen to sample answers in our audio course. Lesson 15: How to sound cool. Greetings, saying goodbye and basic phrases to start speaking German. Native German tutor, explanations in English. Download. Microsoft Word Document 43.5 KB. German A2 GR04 June 2009 Vocabulary.doc. Mind maps are time consuming, but they’ll make your task so much easier. Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.1 MB. How to count from zero to one billion in German. Click here! Meine Familie besteht aus vier Mitgliedern, einem Vater, einer Mutter, mir und einer kleinen Schwester. What "cases" are, why you need them, and how to use the nominative and accusative cases. Lesson 14: German numbers. The basics of the German language. Although German essays and English essays are structured similarly, German essays—just like German speakers—tend to be more blunt and to the point. What the "dative" is, when to use it, and why it's the laziest of all the cases. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5 (368 ratings) 1,722 students Created by Esther Hartwig. German for You A1/A2: A German Language Course for Beginners Learn German from a beginner to an elementary level: Deutsch für Anfänger. German essays are more to the point. You can then start adding subheadings and bullet points with thoughts and ideas that you’d like to include. Meine Familie ist eine kleine Kernfamilie, die zu einer bürgerlichen Familie gehört. A2 German Online: Learn questions that are commonly asked in job interviews. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated — just good manners. If you’re the more creative type of person, you can draw a colorful mind map. Introducing yourself. Download. Once you understand each case, we’ll show you how they impact articles and other words in German. German Cultural Topic 1 - Die Berliner Mauer. The Berlin Wall German Cultural Topic 1 (Zipped Folder) The Berlin Wall.zip.zip . A simple way to do it is to create an essay outline divided into three sections: Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. German punctuation is different. German A2 GR04 June 2007 Vocabulary.doc.