Begin by using 1 part whole wheat flour to 1 part all-purpose flour. You can check out Teaching Tiny Tots and Happy Hooligans for more dyed pasta ideas. Flavors and Colors of Pasta - Pasta Dough Ingredients. Let the glue dry slightly and shake off the remaining pasta or rice grains. It’s really easy to do! All you need is white vinegar, food coloring and pasta. Place the piles in different bowls, draw pictures with glue on paper and sprinkle the colored rice or pasta on the glue. I’ve also seen this done with rubbing alcohol too, but vinegar seemed a lot less toxic to me. Make your own colored pasta. Let the picture dry. Flavoring Agent. Create various colors, such as yellow, orange, and red. Whole wheat flour must be mixed with an all-purpose flour to make the dough workable. Description: Flavor: Color: Whole Wheat Flour.