Yes we have gathered several ideas to make a bird house of pallet. If the wood is thick enough, we recommend not to drill the hole completely. Use a set square or a combination square to ensure all your joints form 90 degree angles. If you really love birds, but you are really on a budget then this birdhouse is for you. Hi, Getting ready to make some birdhouses with my grandkids. Recycling vintage tableware, tea pot birdhouse design idea. Hopefully, you’ll be thrilled with it and add it to your ‘pallet wish list.’ Build this birdhouse 33. One of these is pallet bird house. The birdhouse is now ready for its new bird residents to move in. A guy at the WoodCraft store suggested the use of cedar fencing. Unfortunately as I was researching the best dimensions it recommended that the thickness of the wood (for bluebirds and the like) be .75" The fencing is .625" That does not seem like a deal breaker and maybe it isn't, but the thickness helps the insulation. So if you are like me, and absolutely love pallets then check this birdhouse out. Though it’s a scrap wood but you can use it by recycling it and making some useable things. Shopping List. Making bird houses, bird feeders and garden decorations personalize your outdoor living spaces. Advertisement. Look in thrift or antique stores; or, maybe you have one in your house. Recycling plastic and metal items, or using salvaged wood save the planet and allow the birds to bring more joy into our busy life. Wood glue; DIY Birdhouse Plans and Project PDF Files. Then, cut out your pieces! Decide how big you want to make your birdhouse, then cut a piece of an old desktop or similar to size. Find a suitable old jug or pitcher. How to Make Birdhouses with our Free Plans. Method 3 of 5: Old Jug or Pitcher Birdhouse 1. First, download our free birdhouse plans (Design #97) from our resource library—get the password to the library for free by filling out the form at the bottom of the post.. Next, mark your wood according to our plans. I can remember we’re on the way coming back to our home from college, my friend Joseph was also with me. In this manner, you will be able to install the perch without being noticeable from the inside of the bird house. Step 18: Use a drill machinery and an average sized drill bit to make a hole about 2” under the entrance of the bird house. Keep the birdhouse clean; simply pull out the wooden circle, clean out the inside of the pot, then replace the circle by pushing it back in. Then you can go ahead and construct a frame and screw it onto the base making sure to predrill your screw holes to avoid the wood splitting. You know that pallet wood easily available at home or you can find in a scrap. Recycled Milk Jug Birdhouse. Building a birdhouse is a fun project — so fun it’s hard to say who benefits from it more, the birds or the builder. DIY Birdhouse overview: Materials, tools and design. Project Drawings: Figure A, B and C Cutting List.