For Bad, the chorus will sound significantly louder than Michael's voice due to the stereo effect. Spykezxp Posts: 296 +73. I got things working again by adjusting the Surround Sound / Stereo settings. Sound problem with using Headphones Windows 10. The vocals sounded like they were far away and any music sounded like it was under water. Worked fine in Win 8.1 previously. When I try to watch a video, the music works but the audio sounds like its underwater. For some reason, sound coming from my earphones sounds as though they're coming from the back when I plug it into my laptop but also when I plug it into my phone to listen to music. The usb-connected speakers work fine. Using my headphones with iPhone 4 the sound was completely distorted. For more detail, this is how I got it back to work with no new drivers. Just recently, when I try to play a game, half the audio is correct. But the thing is that it was working perfectly fine before. I can't seem to find a solution, although it seems to be something very specific to the output … Selecting “Sound” on the “All Control Panel Items” shows “Realtek High Definition Audio” as the default device. 1. (His voice sounds distant on my GS2000e.) The speakers sound alright but the headphones don't. I deleted and redownloaded my Pandora App., restarted my phone and had the same problem. I … Noone wanted it, but it worked fine. I tried two other sets and they all have the same result so now I'm wondering whether it's my earphones or if it's … If music is played through headphones, it is distorted sounding like 80s electronica music with echo. Headphones sound like they are underwater About a month ago, Windows 10 installed while everyone sleeped. Hello , my headphones started sound very od but I don't know the reason , I've tried restarting , restoring , uninstalling audio driver , nothing. However it … For the spoken word, it just comes through very quietly, no matter if the headphone volume is set to max on the computer. Using a crossfeed filter will alleviate this somewhat, but IMO crossfeed filters collapse the soundstage too much. With the headphones plugged into the computer the sound is very soft and garbled to a point of not being able to understand what is said. Using Realtek High Definition Audio. The sound on my headphones is very distorted. And it's not just this set of earphones either. The sound plays fine through the speakers. But … … This is a symptom of headphones with an ultra-wide soundstage. I would really appreciate someone to find a solution ( sorry for the … And my sound card has a speaker-test utility that makes sound come from each speaker one-at-a-time, so I can verify that the headphones really do have all the channels that they claim. Both sound fine when there are no phones plugged in. Same issue (muffled sounds, especially voice) after upgrade to Windows 10. I've also used a second pair of headphones on my computer and the sound was flawed in this case aswell. If I change my Windows "Speaker Setup" to "5.1 Surround Sound Speakers", I can now hear the voices coming from the Center Channel, which I couldn't hear before with my regular stereo headphones. The headphones work if not plugged into the computer. Nothing has changed (I believe). The rest sounds like its underwater, or the sound isn't there. I took out my headphones and plugged them into my iPod Touch, experienced the SAME problem. I've plugged them into the phone and they work and I've tried another set of headphones into my pc and sound Distorted as well.