It's probably what lots of you have been looking for to fight the CCC Syndrome (Cheap Chinese Condenser). On acoustic guitar you can really mellow the high end and mechanical noise, such as picking and fretting noise, which is welcome in some productions, giving a very natural and balanced tone. I had a GAP mic shootout on my blog and want to let you know my impressions on the R1 active ribbon microphone from GAP. The top end is THERE - much more so than a standard ribbon. I really like to use one on the Hi-hat. Golden Age Project delivers another killer piece of studio gear at an incredible price & sound quality.... Having used all of the original ribbon mics that GA makes - this one, while not may fave - still would find a place in the locker due to its natural ability to tame hi freq sounds - while not sounding overly dark and muffled and coupled with the active electronics and needing phantom power means that its a lot less finnicky when it comes to preamps.. Audio demo of the GAP R1 ribbon mic on vocals (with comparison to a condenser mic). Active Ribbon Microphone with Tube Electronics. I'm a female with a contra alto voice and was looking for a darker mic with clarity that might sound good on both my vocals and an acoustic guitar. Golden Age Project is a Swedish company with almost 20 years of experience in the high-end audio field. Can be really interesting on drum overheads too, and they take eq very well if you need to brighten up the cymbals. It is an active ribbon, so it runs on phantom power. Gtr Amp Cab (9/10) The R1 ST is very well suited for the recording of most sound sources like vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestras and choral groups and many live sound applications.In spite of its low cost, the R1 ST meets the most stringent demands. Gear: Telecaster guitar (single coil bridge pickup) Vox ac4 (set clean)/ Boss … Golden Age R1 Ribbon microphone review | ribbon microphones down the page I dont have one... or any ribbon mics at least now Matti Share Quote. I was kind off stupid thinking that I could connect a si the thing even comes with a low-cut switch that's supposed to kick in at 100Hz - I have a boomy low voice and I was a few inches away from the little guy and I didn't need it. It has a slight trace of zingy at the very top - the specs say it goes up to 18Khz, but it sounds like a very smooth, soft-topped condenser. I bought one and used it on a female soprano, acoustic guitar, and a fiddle session. Nice price for a pair of stereo ribbon goodness! If anyone has some thoughts between the two, always glad to know! Yeap ... I don't find any loss of character from it being active. This mic is a wonderful character and with that, it doesn't suit everything. Here for the gear . Active Ribbon Microphone. (9/10) The Golden Age Project R1 MKII is beautifully warm and has a smooth sonic clarity, one that is easy to listen to with out fatigue. I tried it through a GAP Pre 73 and a Summit 2ba-221. Above my snare is treated really well so the comb filtering wasn't an issue on the top mic. I ordered it from Zzounds in the USA, because it was sold out everywhere in Europe. Some female vocals work really well with this mic, perhaps for taking the edge of slightly shrill frequencies and once again, on electric guitars, the mic takes the high frequency harshness to a more mellow state. Golden Age Project R1 Active MKIII by mranderson1983. R1 ST. Hi Tomer. peace ! 26th November 2009 #10. mr6100 ️. I had been looking at several microphone options especially in the budget price bracket which I equate with being about $600 or less. You can not use a shock mount with it and so you have to be pretty careful while recording, especially as it can produce a lot of "bottom". If you want a mellow sound, or want to take the edge of a harsh guitar or string sound, then this could be the one to go to, especially if it's your first ribbon purchase and it's all your budget will allow. Instead it comes with a soft carry bag, which may not be suitable if you're planning on travelling anywhere with it. Thanks again!