good form noun. DEFINITIONS 3. Plural Proper Noun . English. Log in. good looks noun. The Earth rotates on … Good is which type of noun - 16955002 1. Answer:class=collective nounExplanation:please mark me as brainliest This class is good Which type of noun All those words we understand animals, places, substance, object, some ideas, things, quality or others is called Noun. The Smiths have always been good neighbors to us. Types of Noun, 8 Kinds of Nouns with Examples Table of Contents NounsWhat Is a Noun?Plural Forms of NounsCommon NounProper NounAbstract NounConcrete NounCountable NounUncountable NounCompound NounCollective NounSingular NounPlural Noun Nouns We use a large number of words or phrases in the process of expressing ourselves using the English language. Singular Proper Noun. good guy noun. good vs. well You may read also in English 12 Basic tense with examples. Types of Noun with examples A common noun is a noun that refers to people or things in general, e.g. Correct! Join now. Noun Types 2. Ask your question. Log in. more dictionary definitions. Good definition is - of a favorable character or tendency. good times noun. good stuff interjection. hold good phrase. Nouns for bad include bad, baddie, baddies, baddishness, baddy, badness, badnesses and bads. What is a Noun? good night interjection. Conheça mais sobre good is which type of noun no nosso Blog e fique sempre ligado nas novidades do meio jurídico com os artigos dos nossos especialistas. make good phrase. Secondary School. good works noun. Plural Common Possessive Noun. Singular Common Possessive Noun. Submit. Steven, Africa, London, Monday. A proper noun is a name that identifies a particular person, place, or thing, e.g. 1. Types Of Nouns. good job phrase. Proper noun. Join now. Good Friday noun. good faith noun. boy, country, bridge, city, birth, day, happiness. good luck phrase. Plural Common Noun. There are several different types of noun, as follows: Common noun. Plural Proper Possessive Noun. 1. advantage, or benefit. Find more words at! How to use good in a sentence. Singular Common Noun. Incorrect! Singular Proper Possessive Noun. feel-good adjective. Which type of noun is the word "Smiths" as used above?