Clean, clear and crisp all the way through. The combination of sound is absolutely staggering and setting them up with no coloration in the sound. Good outstanding. Very nice built in level controls on both input jacks (TRS or XLR, not unbalanced TS) Way to go EV! 32 of 33 people (97%) people found this review helpful. I still use my two 12"twin cabs w Emmience Man O War's I also got from zZ. There isn't, you pretty much get what you pay for. Class D power amps seem to be the course for most things these days and to be honest I cannot hear a difference from the A/B class I was using. I cann't think of any cons except the early clipping. Have been playing since 1974, and sequencing since 1984. The performance is crazy good. They fair up better than the previous eon series in my opinion. Thanks zZounds!! Covering 700 people with only two mains is very optimistic... only people who run pyle try that. Wedding, anniversary., birthdays, company, pig roast, school dance's Bar/Mitz, Karaoke and many others, "Zzounds Rocks!! I use it as a key board amp and it rocks. And zZounds were great...easy purchase online and then shipped right to my front door. Now as to EDM. Rock, Alternative, Southern Rock, Acoustic, These speakers are really impressive. I must say that after carrying around 2 subs and 2 mains for years, I am so happy that I no longer do Even without a sub they have more than enough lower end for my application. I am considering getting another set for larger venues. 1 year later with minimum use, smoke came out the back of one speaker. Can't wait to hook up my DJ rig to them. The sound was better, however there was still an issue with the volume. clean, transparent sound. Did you? The best speakers for a good price and great quality. One they do run warm, you might notice that they do not have a massive external heatsink or on board fan cooling which is regrettable. For $499, they had both the Electro-Voice ZLX-15P and the JBL EON615. All around I have put over 100 hours on these speakers (with 1 ELX118P) over the last few weeks that I've had them. I have been using these for a month and they are doing a great job. They fair up better than the previous eon series in my opinion. The new system is hugely flexible depending on the venue. That alone makes me very unsure about crowning them as Gig-ready. Reduced my set up time in half. I can pick both of them up with each arm without eating spinach lie Popeye! 2 of 3 people (67%) people found this review helpful. Bought one for now to see how it sounds to connect to my Behringer XR16 and at first I didn't get much sound but realized I didn't turn up the input volume. I just purchase the EV ZLX-15P Powered speakers and I have to say these speakers are awesome I highly recommend. ver very very loud at its max level its unbearable thats how loud these speakers can be , The Surround sound is like a Stereo 3D effect with clear Bass. You need an account to post a reply. I'm not knocking those brands either, because again, for their money they put out a lot of power. I did that and presto. $499 per speaker is a GREAT price......well worth the investment. They are really durable too. I can play the drums, accordion, bass, bajo sexto, and guitar. The bigger driver gives you a little more thump in the mix. crispy crispy highs, nice mids and the power just didn't give up. The 15" woofers provide that big speaker air push that just sounds better to my hear than smaller ported type speakers. Got a pair of these mainly for my GR55 synth rig which needed a more full range speaker to really produce the broad sonic range it can manifest. I tested the speakers and was not impressed with the bass output, volume, or clarity. For a duo, perfect, even without monitors. The build quality is top notch, ergonomically built and looks great overall. Not Worth The Price!!!! You will notice that a great many people that review these speakers and give them glowing remarks are professional DJ's that handle ceremonies, formal events etc. It's a crying shame that they hear up so fast. I ran them both at 50% and they sounded great. If you're on the fence about buying these speakers, get off of it and take the plunge. marvelous on my std guitar rig. I have nothing bad to say about the speakers but they do mislead you on the output volume. This speaker sounds great. Jokes aside, I now know I can be set-up in 20 minutes for small to medium gigs! I currently use one for only music as there is one 1/8 stereo plug on each as well. Dj for eight years, play at clubs, weddings, parties. Anymore than that, I suggest to look at higher end powered speakers like QSC12, QSC KW122 or EV ELX12 or 15P. BUT ALWAYS COME BACK TO THE EV'S. I wanted to stay around $500 or less per powered speaker. Just had one of them quit working at month 5. That would have made a great addition! I am aware that preferfences will change from sound guy to sound guy, but I think these are brighter, better looking, louder and they got more oomph than the K12's.