If you cannot play a card and must pick up the discard pile, you must play through these cards before you can continue to play the cards in front of you. Rules for Dealer’s Choice Game Elevator Poker To begin the game each player is forced to ante. At the end of your turn, if you have less than three cards, you must draw up to a hand size of three. Designed by seventeen-year-old Harrison Brooks, it’s quick to learn and plays fast. ElevatorUp is the brand NEW card game that keeps the entire family smiling through Ups, Downs, and getting Stuck! Recommended for 2-5 players, ages 7+. ElevatorUp! Most of the deck is composed of cards that pair pictures of high-rise buildings with floor numbers. ElevatorUp is a light, family-friendly card game about being the first to ditch all your cards. Higher Floor Cards can be played on top of lower floors. It’s always great to see the work of a new designer to the hobby, and it’s lovely to see such a young designer coming onto the scene. The goal of this card game is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. ElevatorUp is a very casual card game, and you should know that going in. There’ll be plenty of times when your face-down card is just what you needed or an opponent is forced into picking up the discard pile, and this keeps the game unpredictable up until the end. You can get stuck, sent to the lobby, or end up at the penthouse! Elevator Up is a fun card game based on the floors an elevator stops at. It feels like something you might have encountered as a kid yourself, while still feeling fresh. But it is a good fit for kids and a fun first game from its designer. A fun activity that doesn't involve staring at a screen: ElevatorUp. It can be played any time. Exit, getting off! If all four of the same floor cards are ever in the discard pile consecutively, all the cards currently in the discard pile are removed from the game. © 2020, Spark LLC | Harrison@PlayElevatorUp.com, The new card game that keeps you smiling through, If you're interested in carrying ElevatorUp, please contact. Once you have played your two face-up cards, you must play your face-down ones — however, you may not look at them before selecting one to play. Any time the cards are cleared off the table, the next player can play any card (cards) and the elevator is going up. This card can be played any time. Lobby allows you to reset the floor numbers, allowing the next player to play any card on their turn. ElevatorUp plays quite fast, it’s easy to teach, and children can play it on their own but will also be on equal footing when playing with adults. Subscribe below to add some awesomeness to your inbox! We like that you can swap out your face-up cards at the beginning of the game, preparing yourself for the end game, while the unpredictable face-down cards lend themselves to some fun moments. The first player to get rid of all his cards wins the game. FINALLY! Higher Floor Cards can be played on top of lower floors. The deck is then placed in the center of the table. There are five types of special cards. You may play any card that has an equal or higher floor number on it than the card currently on top of the discard pile, or you may play a special card. Before the game starts, players can swap out one or both of their face-up cards with cards from their hands. Based on the ups, downs, and even getting stuck moments of riding in an elevator, ElevatorUp is fun for all ages, is easy to learn (but not too easy), and most importantly it's NEW and the creation of a teenage game-lover not a large, multinational toy and game manufacturer. Finally, the door closed card can be played on any card, except other special cards, and skips the next player’s turn. If you have more than one card showing the same floor number, you may play them together (provided of course that it is a legal play). - When you play this wild card, the E card and any under it are removed and not used for the rest of the game. Special cards: 1st Floor - 1’s are wild and starts the elevator again at the first floor going. Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game. Once the deck runs out, and once a player no longer has any cards in his hand, he must play from the two cards face-up in front of him. Kid-invented, kid-designed, kid-marketed, and kid-loved (and, yes, the same kid), ElevatorUp is easy to learn, moves at a fast pace, and never gets old. The new building card removes the entire discard pile from the game. This is a game meant to appeal to kids, and as such, the artwork is actually a good fit. ElevatorUp: A Card Game of Ups, Downs, and Stuck Lifts | Casual Game Revolution The game is also smartly designed with a couple of ways to ensure the discard pile is removed occasionally from the game, so that while players will have setbacks, the game still continues at a nice brisk pace as the number of cards in play continues to deplete. Stuck allows you to avoid having to play a floor card, and the next player must match or beat the previous number played. CGI#33: Chronicles of Crime 1400, Alternatives to UNO, Storytelling Games, and Arcane Wonders.