The functionality is excellent, from thw keystrokes, to the functions and macros. Cherry MX RGB switches - Ducky uses only genuine Cherry MX switches with a life cycle of over 50 million key presses. - The instruction manual is very easy to understand, which is good considering how many hotkey functions there are. It would be nice if the display turned off when idle. The Ducky Pocket uses high quality PBT keycaps, which are more durable and long lasting than ABS keycaps, while feeling a bit rougher to the touch. ... mechanical switch calculator: Ducky Pocket. This is NOT the case. The setup of the keys and lighting is somewhat tedious if you are a software config fan (I'm not), programming it to my liking took quite a while and there are a few key typo's in the manual, which slowed it down even more. I have to flip the switch on my power supply every night so I can sleep. - Just on its own, the look on people's faces when I pull out the Pocket to do calculations is worth the price. One other thing is the clear switch housings that make it a bit overly blingy for my tastes, lol light shining out all over. Ducky Pocket Mechanical Keyboard Calculator Red Cherry MX Switch, PBT Double-Shot and R5 profile Keycaps, A variety of colourful RGB backlighting modes, Detachable cable, Support Battery Mode Tweet Ducky Pocket Mechanical Keyboard Calculator Red Cherry MX Switch The PBT key caps on the Pocket are top notch, as well. - The backlighted keys, associated with the tactile "-" sign help me position my hand quickly to enter data without looking at the keypad all the time. Build quality is fantastic. It's much too bulky to be truly portable. The Ducky Pocket runs on USB power, but there is a battery compartment on the rear of the unit that sits above a nicely stamped Ducky logo. Close. - The battery life is shorter than I'd like, and I wish it used something other than a CR2032 coin battery. Being the keyboard and mouse reviewer here at Legit Reviews, in addition to being a compatibility lab manager for years, I have had dozens of keyboards come across my desk over the past decade. Ducky and Filco are consistently two brands whose keyboards I would trust to last me for years of use. The build quality is excellent. Ducky Pocket serves as a external number pad or a calculator by itself standalone Brand new with 1 year warranty by XtremeSolution Love it! - There's a backspace key. news. - The backlight on the display is too bright. Mine was shipped with a very large bubble underneath the screen protector. The only problem I have encountered is that the display light is already malfunctioning after only one month of use. Ducky Latest addition to their line up of mechanical keyboards. There are built in programs that are coded and easy to implement with a four digit code, like Media Controls, Launchers or even Mouse Emulation. ©Copyright 2020 Mechanical Keyboards Inc   -. Not much other praise I can give, for what it is. While I tend to prefer an MX Brown or MX Silver (Speed) switch for my keyboards, I went with Cherry MX Blue switches on the Pocket because the audible click seemed appropriate on a calculator. Copyright © 2002-2020 -- All Rights Reserved. Ducky, who has a penchant for putting on RGB on their products, has outfitted each switch on the Pocket with an LED, allowing for a variety of custom RGB modes, including per-key lighting. All of the Cherry MX switches are smooth and implemented properly, with a satisfying lift-off distance and nice, stiff backplate that doesn’t flex under pressure. Since the “Enter” key isn’t standard and several of the keys have special fonts based on their function, proper replacement key cap sets would have to be specifically made for the Pocket. It's much cheaper, has more buttons. Overall, it is an excellent numpad. 4 years ago. I don't think I'll be sending it in though since it seems like a hassle to ship to Taiwan for repairs. This item Ducky Pocket (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard Velocifire NK01 Wireless Mechanical Number Pad, External Numeric Keypad for TKL Keyboards (Blue Switches) Max Keyboard Falcon-20 Programmable Macropad Mechanical Keyboard, Backlit Multicolor LED, Cherry MX RGB Switch (Cherry MX RGB Blue) You just remap it and go, no silly ram stealing software. Ducky has taken care to make sure the Pocket is stable on whichever surface it sits on, with rubber stabilizers on each corner and a flip-out riser, similar to what you’d find on a keyboard. MK Edit - If this was purchased from us, please send it in to us for repair. Have fun wherever you go, the portable mechanical keyboard also as a calculator with PBT Double-shot, R5 profile keycaps, and RGB backlit Paid expedited and International options are also available. Initially I thought perhaps my wires went bad but it won't turn on with a fresh battery. It performs flawlessly in game. Perhaps motivated to bring the same experience to other range of products, Ducky has introduced the Ducky Pocket, which is essentially a calculator with…Cherry MX RGB switches. I am not saying that other keyboard manufacturers aren’t good, I just really like my Ducky and Filco units above all others. Meh. • A variety of colourful RGB backlighting modes – 100% Full backlighting, Breathing, Colour Cycling, Wave and Rain … All of the seams on the unit fit very nicely and the tolerances on the Pocket were very tight. Ducky provides a full user manual that explains how to adjust RGB lighting and, most importantly, program macros on the unit. Mechanical keyboards are loved by many for their tactile – and sometimes clicky – keys. Therefore, improving the overall quality of lighting transmission and typing experience. Different from normal cheap calculators with mushy keys that frequently fail on me; - Video editing with vegas is much faster using the directional keys (PC2 mode) Build quality is very nice, the outer case is made out of a very sturdy-feeling plastic that doesn't flex at all, and the PBT keycaps feel very nice. Grabbed one to accompany my Ducky One TKL keyboard. The Ducky Pocket is a mechanical keyboard calculator with Cherry MX switches 13 By Sam Byford @345triangle Jun 3, 2016, 9:09am EDT If that … I'll probably never use it, and it adds bulk to an otherwise perfect peripheral. Got this to tag along with my code tkl for programming duty. The 23-Button Ducky Pocket can be programmed in a number of ways, allowing to be a versatile input device that could come in handy for streamers, gamers and PC enthusiasts who just need more buttons. It is, however, excellent for the more essential functions like productivity and making people say: "what the?". The keys are arranged in four columns, and I think a decent gaming experience would need five. I opted for the Ducky Pocket with Cherry MX Blue switches. Email us if you have any questions. Also, MechanicalKeyboards didn’t have my choice of switch available for sale when I made my purchase, so the MX Blue switch became the only option. Also I'm not a big fan of the red switches but the others are currently out of stock, I'll probably mod it. Users of tenkeyless keyboards will appreciate the ability to add a macro board to the left side of their keyboard, which will allow them to continue to enjoy the advantage of a TKL keyboard while having additional macro functionality. - Responsive with tactile feedback that the key you pressed was actually taken in consideration for input/calculation. The Ducky Pocket RGB Calculator integrates well with Ducky’s TKL keyboard. Ducky Pocket Mechanical Keyboard Calculator PBT Double-Shot and R5 profile Keycaps Ducky Pocket adapts the PBT Double-Shot backlighting keycaps and adds R5 Profile. Which is too bad, because I'd love to carry it around everywhere. Therefore, improving the overall quality of lighting transmission and typing experience. A few petty cons: My only gripes are that the legends on the keys lack contrast and the back lighting is quite dim next to my WASD CODE TKL. The Ducky Pocket is a mechanical keyboard calculator with Cherry MX switches New, 13 comments By Sam Byford @345triangle Jun 3, 2016, 9:09am EDT Ducky is known for build quality and the Pocket doesn’t disappoint, it’s built to last. I was going to get a razer nostromo then I saw this and I'm glad I did. I think I'll get a set for my keyboard. The calculator aspect of the Pocket is more of a novelty, than anything, but it IS an additional function that gives the Ducky purpose as a standalone device that might generate interest from a fellow geek at a library or Starbucks. Mine just shut down today.