We placed over it one of the “tables”. Satin Black Paint ( for less than $7) to add more depth and drama to the wall overall. Learn how to build closet shelving. tape measure. Follow our step-by-step closet shelves DIY. For years we have told her that someday we would get rid of her dresser and modify her closet so that all her clothing could go in there. Success! It adds a beautiful touch with the rest of the closet being white. We made sure to place the feet 1 1/8″ from the edge of the bottom board. Cut the plywood pieces according to the illustration. To assemble the shelving together start from the bottom working upwards and use 1.25″ screws in the remaining pocket holes 1 1/8″ from the edge. The reason behind having a customizable closet is to be able to switch it up easily as the needs may change. If you like it as much as we do, feel free to pin it! It also created a high-low feel to the closet for long dresses and jumpsuits. Mike has created all kinds of projects that you can follow and build … This way if we want to fully extend the rod we can and we can also easily switch sides if we rather have the rod on the other side of the closet. This free bookshelf plan will build you a large cubby bookshelf with adjustable shelves. ), Jon and I decided it was time to take on the closet situation. We put the 14″ long pieces on each end, 1 1/8″ edge. By folding your sweaters and having them displayed instead of fitting them into a dresser drawer, you can see them and grab what you need to get dressed faster. Check out everyone’s projects for this month: Ready to see everyone’s project for this month’s theme: Build to Organize? Many homes lack a sufficient number of closets, but sometimes the opposite is true. The closet shelving measures 53″ high, 16″ deep, and 36″ wide. The large center piece that held a boxy TV was beautiful, but not necessary anymore. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Of course, there's the option for a pre-fab closet kit, but they do not always address your storage needs. Crates DIY Bookshelf. plywood, wood glue and a handful of 8d finish nails. 5x – 11/16x16x36″ Edge-Glued Panel “Hobbyboard” – Spruce. level. Easy Whipped Peppermint DIY Body Butter for Dry Skin. The doors on the bottom hide a linen box that stores beanies, baseball caps, etc. We fixed it all up with some fresh paint and some beautiful wood planks: how to plank a wall with wood paneling. Which means we can opt to change it back to 8’ easily. We used the drill to insert 1.25″ screws into the bottom pockets of the legs (they were the originally the top pockets). Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. You can see how they looked before we changed them up and before we painted her bedroom. A Yelloow Review, 15 DIY Lingerie, Bras, and Panties to Try in 2019, 40+ Creative Christmas DIYs. Many homes lack a sufficient number of closets, but sometimes the opposite is true. Custom closet systems can be expensive and a lot of work to install. We really love the natural tone of it with the natural plank wall. Custom closet systems can be expensive and a lot of work to install. The first thing we did to make the closet customizable was to update the closet rod. That turned out gorgeous! Love the wood panel, adds that little extra that makes it looks so pretty. Just screw the Socket into the side of your bookcase and the rod slips inside. screws. We repeated this step until we had made 8 of them. © Copyright Creative Fashion Blog 2020. Spackle. Turns out, to make a DIY closet all you have to do is pick up a Closet Pole Socket for less than six dollars and a Closet Pole Rod for under thirty. This post also contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Step 6: We took out the 14″ long pieces. We made 2 pockets on the 12″ pieces, one on one end and one on the inside of the opposite end. They were also a natural, light wood color so they needed to be sanded, primed, and painted to match the rest of our decor. DIY Customizable Closet. Which is the perfect challenge to get us working on Gabrielle’s closet! The inspiration for this Industrial bookcase plan was taken straight from … We attached them to the boards using 1.5″ screws, inserted into the pockets. This is a well-planned out custom closet! Gabrielle can’t wait to empty her dresser and fill the closet shelving with her clothing. After we found these old bookshelves, we decided this would make the perfect, glam closet for my office. Please try again. 1″x2″ pine boards to create the side shelf supports (two 14” pieces for each shelf) 1″x2″ poplar boards to create a nice thick facing for each shelf (amount depends on size of your closet and shelves) nail gun or hammer and finishing nails. The other side of the bookshelves held all my sweaters, purses, and hats. After our bathroom renovations were done (they look sooooooo good! Of course, there's the option for a pre-fab closet kit, but they do not always address your storage needs. It’s going to be so much fun! It reminds me of all the cool movies I watched as a kid. *You can also buy longer boards and cut them to size. Our entire DIY Closet cost less than a hundred bucks to make! Just 3 Ingredients. Ugh, I can’t believe how many drawings are in that closet. Or maybe transform part of it as an office space? Who ever decided a simple pole in a closet was enough was a mad man. Remodeling Tips. We opted for an adjustable rod that goes from 4’ to 8’. Adding those 2 inexpensive additions to the bookshelves let me store a dozen more shoes. Attach legs to the hobbyboard 1 1/8″ from the edge of each end with 1.25″ screws. The shelves used to be part of an entertainment center that we sold at a garage sale. It looks really beautiful! How to Renovate an Old Closet to Make a Bookshelf. To make sure we didn’t drill too far, we put a piece of electric tape on the drill bit as a guide. We used a drill bit to make three vertical pockets into it, one on each end and one in the middle. Any way to get things done faster is a win right? You can save even more space and get more storage by adding a Standing Boot Rack on top of that. Spread wood glue on … For example, right now we think it’s best to get rid of Gabrielle’s dresser and put all her clothes in the closet. For the back of the shelves and the entire wall behind the closet, I chose a This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And I love how you put together the organizer. Yes…. Posted on Published: Friday, February 15, 2019 Categories DIY. You can also use it as a step to reach the high shelf. Making the Bookshelf Door Hidden Closet. We placed one 10.5″ piece with the pockets facing up in the middle and placed one 12″ on each end with the bottom pocket facing out (which means the top pocket is facing inwards). hehe. See more ideas about bookshelves diy, bookshelves, built in bookcase. The perfect size for a hidden closet! Perhaps in a couple of years we will change our minds, so we rather not do anything permanent in her closet, especially since it’s the biggest closet in our home. So much better! Step 5: We attached the U’s onto the board using 1.25″ screws into the bottom pockets of the 12″ pieces. Two pockets on the 12″ pieces, one on one end and one on the inside of the opposite end. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have 4 sections of the shelving. Make pocket holes using a Kreg Jig. Step 2:. Visiting from Artsy Fartsy. It also looks pretty. It really means the world to me that I can do what I love and get to know all of you guys better. Place shelving pieces in the location you want to assemble them. Tutorial to build wood shelving for a closet. Ever since we started working on Gabrielle’s bedroom, Gabrielle has been asking us when we were going to start working on her closet. Hidden Door Plans. We repeated this step until we had made 4. It was so much easier than we thought and I absolutely love all the storage I have now to display and store my handmade clothes. hehe. I hope you guys really liked this DIY closet idea! I chose a High Gloss White Paint for the sides and shelving because it’s easier to wipe clean and gives a polished, clean look when it’s dry. Read the complete, Recore performance mattress - Bed in a box for restorative sleep, Brunswick Mattress - More comfort, more support, and more restful nights, Click here to read my full disclosure policy, 5x – 11/16x16x36″ Edge-Glued Panel “Hobbyboard” – Spruce *. Follow our step-by-step closet shelves DIY. over a thousand. Turns out, to make a DIY closet all you have to do is pick up a Closet Pole Socket for less than six dollars and a Closet Pole Rod for under thirty. Here’s the closet before we started working on it: Nice doors right? Honestly, we expected this process to be sooo much harder than it was! Step 7: We placed the last big board face down onto a flat surface.