The title’s font—jagged and pink—resembles graffiti and reflects Moritsugu’s underground films, Xu says. Carroll was the founding chair in 2014 of AIGA’s Diversity Task Force, which conducted the first staff diversity training in AIGA’s centurylong history. It includes gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and culture. International students made up 29% and 75% of undergraduate and graduate students, respectively. As the world becomes more interconnected, diversity and inclusion initiatives in a number of different fields will become more relevant — graphic design is no exception. “My series explored mental health in Black communities and the complexities of perception,” he says. Audio. She also co-founded the annual Design + Diversity Conference and Fellowship. The Fall 2018 statistics for students enrolled in the College’s Graphic Design programs provide some answers. diversity in graphic design < > Most recent. Gamio’s student projects during the election of President Donald Trump—with his administration’s travel ban and promise of a border wall—addressed xenophobia head-on. Boosting diversity also includes removing economic barriers, Carroll says. “I went to school purely on scholarship, and it’s our job to provide scholarships that give students the same opportunities that I had,” says Adams, a CalArts alum. “Her feet were bound, and she was one of nine wives,” says Lii of her grandma. For Memani, diversity in graphic design should be an obvious intention. The best story that I can tell that is different is mine. According to the 2019 AIGA Design Census, only 3% of designers across many fields and disciplines are Black.. I have a fresh point of view.”, Professional Education and Industry Engagement, Notification, Tuition Deposit and Deferrals. She designed a “Queer All Year” Pride Month sticker and tote bag sporting rainbow-colored type for Ace Hotel Palm Springs. “It’s great that you’re questioning masculinity through objects,” Trigo tells him. “The kind of design I’ve always wanted to do fosters conversation and learning.”. After connecting with CalArts professor Michael Worthington, they decided to organize a series of events that not only addressed the lack of inclusion and representation at CalArts, but in the field of graphic design in general. “The design canon can be very monolithic and rooted in the same European history, and that needs to change,” he says. Xu’s newfound boldness is reflected in her work. Throughout AIGA’s 100-year history, design and innovation have advanced not only our industry, but transformed everyday life. In Displaced, a traveling performance piece created by New York City–based transmedia art and design studio Nonstudio, motion sensors and a body-tracking camera follow a modern-day Pandora in the form of an immigrant woman navigating the New World. According to AIGA (the American Institute of Graphic Arts), approximately 86% of professional designers are Caucasian. Graphic design in the 21st century is a multidirectional realm of possibilities. Grid View List View. According to AIGA (the American Institute of Graphic Arts), approximately 86% of professional designers are Caucasian. To demonstrate creative contributions of designers from diverse groups 3. “I’m painfully aware that design is a symptom of an existing system,” says Memani, eating lunch at Mexican restaurant Yuca’s, a few blocks from the College’s South Campus, and wearing a T-shirt featuring his own typeface. “There are only 3–5% of working design professionals that are Black,” Arceneaux-Sutton and Munro explain. “A lot of us are trying to create a space of inclusion and belonging that has yet to exist in our field, and in direct reaction to not having role models within the educational space and in the industry,” says Antionette Carroll, an equity designer and former AIGA national board director who founded the Creative Reaction Lab, a St. Louis, Missouri–based nonprofit organization that trains Black and Latinx youth to become leaders designing equitable communities.