Girlzmum Forumite. The issue is that there is a void in the relationship between social workers and nurses, and this void is founded on factors that can, and must, be addressed. From a critical social theory perspective, effective collaboration may occur in well defined and strictly limited areas, such as preventive home visits. I'm studying for Adult nursing … We are often asked about the difference between healthcare and social care and how it impacts on funding. 538 posts. Which means that once qualified you can do either mh or sw. To receive NHS continuing healthcare funding – which covers the cost of an individual’s care in its entirety – the need for funding must be established primarily as a healthcare NOT a social care need. What is the Difference Between Healthcare and Social Care? One piece of advice I would give is not to choose a career based solely on wanting to help people because there is more to nursing and social work than just helping people. The study found no difference in values between the nursing and social worker-led homes. See Also . 19 November 2007 at 9:52PM. I would choose between nursing and social work. difference in status between nurses and social workers, members of both professions held similar attitudes and beliefs towards their role in end-of-life patient care. These core tasks were defined as duties that a high percentage of respondents did frequently or almost always. Task Differences between Social Workers and Nurses A task analysis described how often the discharge planner performed a task. Based on this history and need for collaboration, a study conducted in 1998 measured the responses of 178 nurses and social workers who practiced discharge planning in 58 different hospitals in Alabama. … 19 November 2007 at 9:52PM. Nursing is more medical and social work more focused on social issues and injustice/inequalities. Werner et al. BUSINESS & ECONOMICS, PSYCHOLOGY, Snagging Six Figures. My local Uni does a Joint Practitioner degree which is a Social Work degree with Mental Health nursing. Conclusions: Reports exist on collaboration between nurses and social workers in the care of older people showing that it can be beneficial both for recipients of care and carers, although few articles were identified. All respondents, regardless of the profession of their manager, were keenly aware that they have a "duty of care" and overwhelmingly they defined that as their duty to keep the resident safe, as opposed to allowing her to exercise autonomy. I work in a community mental health team, work part time to fit around school times and is really flexible. To present the tasks in an ordered and more meaningful way, a core group of tasks was identified. There are different skill sets that nurse case managers and social workers need in order to have a good patient outcome. 0.