Greenhouse cucumbers are generally grown in the same house as tomatoes, peppers and aubergines by home gardeners and naturally enough the gardeners tend to just feed the cucumbers with the same feed they are using for the tomatoes. Cucumber crop guide - All there is to know about cucumber plan nutrition & cucumber fertilizer This thorough crop guide covers all the aspects of cucumber plant nutrition: growth stages, how to grow cucumbers, fertilization recommendation and much more. By supplying plants with a light dose of fertilizer every few weeks, plants stay strong all season long. At the time of sowing, apply one third of the Nitrogen dose along with Potassium and Single superphosphate. I use this fertilizer to feed cucumbers with a deficiency of nitrogen and calcium. In respect of phosphorous, 75% has to be applied as a basal dose. They better tolerate temperature changes and are less likely to get sick. You could start with a common 10-10-10. Good luck from all of us here at GrowJoy. For bare ground production, University of Florida-IFAS guidelines recommend planting on 48 to 60 inch rows, with a plant-to-plant, in-row spacing of 6 to 12 inches. At the time of land preparation apply fertilizer dose of Nitrogen @40kg (Urea@90kg), phosphorus @20kg (Single phosphate @125kg) and potassium@20kg (Muriate of potash@35kg) as a basal dose. It quickly compensates for the lack of minerals, strengthens plants. We would recommend only watering as the soil starts drying, and start adding fertilizer. It is best used in a solution by spraying cucumbers or pouring it under the very root. Apply a dose of 150:75:75 kg NPK/ha throughout the cropping period through split application for F1 hybrid. one month of sowing apply rest of the dose. PLANT SPACING. Add a double dose for your initial feeding, then do it again every other week for the remainder of the season. At the early stage of veins production i.e. Here is to growing a great crop of container cucumbers … One of the reasons cucumbers turn bitter is a lack of nutrients which comes from your lack of adding fertilizer. Fertigation Schedule – Cucumber (Hybrid) Recommended Dose: 150:75:75 Kg/ha *75% RD of Phosphorus applied as superphosphate = 352 Kg/ha. Cucumber Fertilizer Requirements-Hello, how are you, my dear peasant brothers, all of you expect to be very good today.. Today we will tell you what are the fertilizer requirements of cucumbers.In Uttar Pradesh, cucumber cultivation is done on a large scale. Spacing recommendations for cucumbers vary somewhat among states and growing regions. Haifa's deep understanding in cucumber plant nutrition is fully exploited in this comprehensive crop guide.