It publishes … We knew better. I recently conducted a real estate transaction with **, Lic Real Estate Salesperson Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties, as he titles himself. Contact a Coldwell Banker agent today to get started. Properties. After 10 or so days, he said he can't give cashback as we saw more than 10 homes. Learn from our horrible experience. If it gold plated, just say so. All Rights Reserved. We moved down to Central Florida from the NE U.S. and being a long distance move we contacted Coldwell Banker and were given Jonathan ** as a realtor. Coldwell Banker. Beware of agents that are flippers!!! Nationwide, Coldwell Banker affiliated sales associates generated 40 percent more sales volume than any other national real estate brand with $8.8 billion last year. “This report underscores how many of the top real estate agents and teams across our nation are affiliated with one of our brands – and clearly that number is significant,” said Richard A. Smith, chairman, CEO and president of Realogy. Purchased a home being sold through COLDWELL BANKER REALTY IN HENDERSON NV. We value your privacy. 5 out of 5 stars. The moment you involve them, they start working against you and try to convince you to buy the property even if you are at a disadvantage. I just thought it was her age and she was shy. We are looking for a home and used Becca as an agent out of Clemmons, NC. My wife met with him to get the keys and when she was bring food to put in the fridge it was not cold at all, the water was still in the freezer, and wouldn't cool. I booked a condo for 7/11/2020 but had to cancel in May because my wife is on a ventilator and still is to this day after coming down with Covid 19. I love the house, but they LIED. Rankings. The mistake we made was to invite a Coldwell Banker Realtor - Julie ** to guide us through the purchase. I gave it one star for the Dishonesty. She was great! By Kym McNicholas Subscriber. This company is not yet accredited. I immediately contacted him about this and he said everything was fine when he was there and sometimes fridges will do this, which I know they do not unless you unplug them completely. He then said he would give us the money to have the home warranty come out and address the issue which I thought was fine but then when we called them they would not be able to have someone out for about 2 weeks to fix the issue. I know it was a used home. Individuals by price were Ron de Salvo (Beverly Hills), Fran Flanagan (Pacific Palisades), Rod Daley (Newport Beach), Linda May (Beverly Hills), Chris Cortazzo (Malibu), Jade Mills (Beverly Hills), Susan Monus (Malibu), Roza Mehdizadeh (West Hollywood), Lisa Schoelen (Rancho Santa Fe), David Thind (Los Angeles), Steve Frankel (Beverly Hills), Amy Hollingsworth (Pacific Palisades), Ellen Francisco (Malibu), Peter Wong (Beverly Hills), Mark Douglas (Pacific Palisades), Stephanie Smith (Malbu), James Muske (Beverly Hills), Craig Shapiro (Beverly Hills), and Mary Hellmund (Beverly Hills). We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. He kept saying the fridge was fine when he was there hours prior to my wife being there. Teams by average price were The Brill Group (Beverly Hills), Irene Dazzan-Palmer & Sandro Dazzan (Malibu), Joyce Rey and Stacy Gottula (Beverly Hills), Joy Curtin and Gail Grabner (Newport Beach), The Georgina Jacobson Group (Newport Beach), Linda Chang & Brent Chang (San Marino), The Valerie Fitzgerald Group (Beverly Hills), Jana Jones Duffy & Fred Holley (Beverly Hills), Loveland Carr Properties( Los Angeles), and The Smith Group (Newport Beach). It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Jennifer Lind Named as President of Coldwell Banker Realty in Northern California, Preparation Is Key for First-Time Home Buyers, The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent, The Best of Blue: Coldwell Banker Sacramento-Tahoe Awards Gala, North Lake Tahoe-Truckee Real Estate: A Great Year for Local Sales, Team Tahoe Shows the True Spirit of Giving Back, Coldwell Banker in Northern California Raises Over $100,000 For Various Local Charities, 40 percent (100) of the Top 250 Agents by Sales Volume. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Coldwell Banker? We met Eric Easterday (Realtor from Coldwell) for the first time at a home where he was a seller agent. Stay far away from Caldwell Banker for any rentals in Ocean City MD. NRT: 28 percent (70), 37 percent (93) of the Top 250 Agents by Transaction Sides. If your a new agent, this is the place you want to be. But as we moved along and I tried to get a better feel for her personality and trustworthiness I kept seeing a pattern which should have been a huge red flag that she was not going to be very supportive or helpful.