The popularity of poke bowls inspired us to create our own version using glazed chicken instead the traditional raw fish. What was once a niche seafood dish, poke bowls are now having their moment in the spotlight. Leave to cool for a while and then divide into 4 bowls. So what is poke exactly? Bring the water, vinegar and sugar to the boil and let the onion wedges simmer in this liquor for 1 minute. Poke bowls are the latest in foodie trends. Move over, sushi -- there’s a new raw fish in town. When the chicken is cooked, pull the bone from the meat and keep in the slow cooker until needed. Method. Traditionally, a poke bowl is raw fish -- usually ahi -- over white rice. Add some lime juice and check the seasoning. Originally from Hawaii, poke bowls generally consist of raw fish, rice and some kind of veg or legume and make for a very simple, yet surprisingly nutritious meal. Cook the rice according to pack instructions. Cut the onion into wedges. The delicious combination of chicken, vegetables, rice and sauce is sure to delight your family and friends with its lip-smacking Asian flavour. Add a burst of flavour to your poke bowl with this tasty Chicken Poke Bowl recipe.