Telescopes … Best Telescopes for Viewing The Moon. Incidentally you will also be able to see the 4 Galilean moons of … This best telescope … Here is the best gear for peering into space. The telescopes listed above have focal ratios ranging from f/5 (Orion 9005 AstroView) to f/10 (Celestron NexStar). Best telescopes and binoculars for stargazing in 2020 Telescopes and binoculars can be used year-round to see planets, stars and meteor showers. Capable of extreme magnification, these devices allow you to see the moon in all of its glory, complete with mountains and craters. Because of their ability to enhance deep space objects, these telescopes are highly preferred by both amateur and professional stargazers and moon enthusiasts alike. You will be able to see craters that are not visible with the naked eye. The Complete Guide To Buying The Best Telescope - Reviews, Tips And Advice. My top pick, the Orion 8974 SkyQuest has a f/5.9 focal ratio. The best telescope for viewing planets may not be the best telescope for viewing galaxies. If you’ve ever looked up at the heavens and wondered what’s out there, you’re not alone, and every day, thousands of amateur astronomers grab their telescope … We were able to see Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s cloud bands, and the craters on the Moon. Ultimate Best Telescope Buying Guide 2020. Luckily, you can view both with just one telescope. This is a great telescope to see nebula. The large-high-quality lens gathers enough light to give stunning views of the solar system and deep space objects. For a start, a pair of 10X50 binoculars will already make a big difference.