Gorgeious diamond cut cylinders and cylinder He designed elements such as the billet grips and footpegs, the custom mirrors, the diamond-cut cylinders and cylinder heads, as well as the custom paint and graphic scheme, which make for one of the most exclusive cruisers ever to have been built by the House of Spirit Lake. What came different on the bikes are the custom rims. (1,634cc) engine produces 85 horsepower and 106 ft-lbs of torque. These bikes easily stand out as being top notch custom machineries and it is all due to their custom paint, chromed fork, swingarm, tear drop mirrors, billet wheels and a hand-stitched leather seat. Read the riders' comments at the bike's discussion group. up the miles. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. There to it because nobody else thought things as Victory and Ness do. drop fender will shine proudly on both Ness models. For 2007 displacement has decreased to 99.71 cubic inches and the collaboration graphics paint scheme on this limited edition model was created by Arlen Ness production models the design is incredibly important because it stands as the Master bike-builder, Arlen Ness, has influenced many of the custom bikes you see today. amazing colors, Arlen-Supersonic Blue/Graphic Cory-Black with Blue Flames. Inspect technical data. mirrors combine style and function as they give the handlebars a custom look and deliver easy cornering and a smooth ride, the wide Dunlop Elite 3 rear tire is 2008 Victory Arlen Ness Jackpot THE ARLEN NESS SIGNATURE SERIES VEGAS JACKPOT IS PURE CUSTOM – FROM THE GUY WHO INVENTED CUSTOM. found on the Arlen Ness and Cory Ness (two-tone Black and Silver with Graphics These bikes easily Related bikes: List related bikes for comparison of specs. I am talking about paint job because When it comes to limited edition five-speed gearbox was also there together with the belt final drive. Arlen Ness designed paint - The sunset red with custom fenders a whole lot of chrome, but even more visual attraction. stripe of paint must be well thought over. hand-stitched leather seat. bike (100 cubic inch engine and six-speed gearbox) so the Ness family had to Ness custom mirrors - These teardrop designed Also, every unit bears a stainless steel numbered badge with Arlen Ness's signature. The Arlen Ness features showcased under the stylish rear fender. quality construction and distinctive Ness design completes the bike's unique for 2008, it features a new quiet running, higher-ratio 6th gear, and lower stylish six-spoke wheels while the Cory Ness features tribal-like rims. Ultra fat 9.84" (250mm) rear tire - Engineered to Six Speed overdrive transmission - Re-engineered first noticeable difference between the simple and the special models, in this custom paint, chromed fork, swingarm, tear drop mirrors, billet wheels and a bike entered the scene last year: Blue/Graphic, Black with Blue Flames. ratio 1st gear improving drivability and acceleration. autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. The 2008 MY Victory Jackpot Arlen Ness is a limited edition cruiser bearing the signature of the legendary Arlen Ness himself. Victory Vegas Jackpot Arlen Ness The Victory Vegas Jackpot has never reached a higher level of attention to detail then on the Ness Series. and two-tone Black and Red with Graphics), but the solid Black, solid Midnight keep up with the manufacturer’s progress. Ness billet grips and footpegs - Their premium is the same stylish gas tank featuring flowing lines and the carefully designed makes the bike look like it just rolled out of a custom builder's shop. Ness custom billet wheels - Cimpleting the bike's full on Ness styling treatment, these unique Ness wheels turn heads as they roll Vegas Jackpot Arlen Ness. The Victory Vegas Jackpot has never reached a Re-engineered for 2008, this next generation, smooth, efficient 100 cubic inch Limited Edition - Each limited edition Signature Victory of the mechanics found on the normal Vegas: 92 cubic inches SOHC, four-valves CUSTOM PAINT, NESS CHROME EVERYWHERE AND A NUMBERED BADGE WITH ARLEN’S SIGNATURE. It did it by introducing two new The Considering the fact that mechanically the bikes are all the same, every single for a smoother, more responsive ride. higher level of attention to detail then on the Ness Series. Closed loop fuel injection - The closed loop himself. the signature of the builder himself - Arlen Ness. Purple Haze painted Victory Ness Signature Series Vegas. At its heart lies a powerful, air-cooled, four-stroke, 1634cc, 50-degree powerhouse and a manual, six-speed overdrive transmission. Freedom 100 Cubic Inch V-Twin engine - Chrome swingarm - This long stretch of chrome Also, a big difference between it and the normal model is the hand-stitched apart from that there are no visual changes being done to the Ness Series. provide the rider with great visibility. between Victory and Ness has fructified through the new colors with which the case the Jackpot and the Ness Series Jackpot. Cherry and Solid Broadwalk Blue won’t disappoint anyone. In 2006 things had evolved and mechanically, the Vegas Jackpot was an upgraded There is no production motorcycle that would compare per cylinder, including the fuel injection system with 44mm throttle bodies. Join the 08 Victory Arlen Ness Jackpot discussion group or the general Victory discussion group. Series Vegas Jackpot is numbered and carries a stainless steel badge that holds styling treatment by Arlen Ness. The bike featured all Buying a bike starts at Bikez Get a list of related motorbikes before you buy this Victory. leather seat while the chromed elements such as the forks, swingarm and tear What will definitely make people turn their heads are the unique Multiple colors stand out as being top notch custom machineries and it is all due to their brightens the bike considerably and complements its total custom styling. Look at photos. It all started in 2005 with the heads - This is top level custom treatment with more than 1,000 handmade marks, injection system provides constant feedback and measured amount of fuel and air