1200 x 1000 x 5mm. • Twin scrim carpet construction that provides excellent underfoot comfort, noise reduction and gives heat insulation. Mainly used as carpet underlay in many hotel, ball room, restaurant carpet projects. Location: Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth-Darwin-Gold-Coast, Manufacturer: A1 Rubber, Product: AcoustaMat, Category: Floors Size: 1200 x 1000 x 5mm. Besides, our 5mm AcousTEC underlay has solid rubber structure that helps the hard floor to lay firm on heavy wear and tear yet provides a high degree of soundproof or acoustic performance on hard floors. If you were to tear up … Design for noise reductiona, vibration dampening and to satisfy the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Also available in rolls 10 or 50 lineal metres x 1.25 metres wide. Underlay is the layer of material directly beneath your floor covering. The Rubber 5 mm underlay from Duralay ! Cut into modular tiles 1050 x 500mm. They can be used under Solid woods, Engineered woods and laminate floors. A floor underlayment adds a layer of cushion that both makes your steps softer and absorbs sound while protecting your floor on top—be it hardwood, tile, or laminate—from wear and tear. Its compact structure keeps performing without losing thickness over the decades. • Unique Textron ® backing provides exceptional Variant. High performing acoustic underlay made from recycled rubber. This fantastic underlayer has a variety of applications. An excellent quality 5mm rubber carpet underlay option for carpet installation especially for heavy traffic areas. Square Meterage: 1 Sq mtr, 5 Sq mtr, 10 Sq mtr, 15 Sq mtr, 20 Sq mtr, 25 Sq mtr, 30 Sq mtr, 35 Sq mtr, 40 Sq mtr, 45 Sq mtr, 50 Sq mtr, 55 Sq mtr, 60 Sq mtr, 65 Sq mtr, 70 Sq mtr, 75 Sq mtr, 80 Sq mtr, 85 Sq mtr, 90 Sq mtr, 95 Sq mtr, 100 Sq mtr Acoustic underlay made from 100% Recycle Rubber with densities of 700, 720 and 850 and thickness ranging from 3-10mm. The Regupol® 5512 is 5mm … Underlay. Not all underlayments are made to work with all flooring types so it’s important to pick the right one. The Regupol® 5512 5mm is a pre-manufactured acoustic underlay made from selected SBR rubber and recycled materials, bound with polyurethane. Acoustic Underlay 700kg/m3 Sheet 1100mm 1000mm 5mm, 3mm Black-25-80°c Recycled Rubber 90% minimum at 1 hour. Our Acoustic Rubber Underlay can be glued down or loose laid underneath floating floors, tiles, carpets, ... 5mm ImpactaMat. • 5mm rubber sponge underlay with an extremely high 28dB noise barrier. • Specifically used for when high sound reduction is required.